The term "bolt" describes a threaded fastener with external threads that is designed to be assembled with a nut. BigBolts' specialty bolt section includes a wide variety of head designs to fit most fastener applications. The most popular bolt head designs are; heavy hex, #3 head plow bolts, # 7 head bucket tooth bolts, Tap Bolts (fully threaded hex bolts) and square head bolts.

Finding the right bolt for your project requires careful attention to detail and knowledge that you're buying from a quality supplier. At, our online store for nut and bolt supply is unparalleled—we guarantee we'll have what you're looking for, and we're here to help you throughout the process if you have any questions.

Products designated as a "screw" can be assembled with or without a nut (in blind hole applications) and typically have tighter tolerances on the head dimensions as compared to bolts. BigBolts offers hex head cap "screws" in diameters up to 2" where our competition typically offers a hex bolt. Other popular head designs that are designated as "screws" are: 12 Point Flange, Flat Head Slotted and Flange. offers a wide variety of specialty screws, specialty fasteners, and other specialty nuts and bolts. Whether you have a specific type of screw in mind or you're looking for something to fill your project needs, our online store for nut and bolt supply will have what you're looking for.

You and Us


Chances are, as you're reading this, there is some dirt under your fingernails and perhaps scabs on your knuckles. You are the bold one who doesn't shy away from removing a few bolts and nuts to see what's going on. You're reading this because you want to make sure you are dealing with a company that you can rely on to supply the right parts when you need them. And, whatever big project you are working on now, is a stepping stone for a bigger one. If that assessment feels right, go ahead and let us know.


We exist for one reason: there are big machines out there that need big bolts and nuts to hold them together. We launched this company with a simple mission; to provide large diameter high quality fasteners with a great customer experience. We stand behind our products with integrity, knowledge and confidence and we stand behind our service with a commitment to you. If for any reason you aren't smiling when dealing with, let us know.

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