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Calling all carpenters, construction workers and dudes who just dig metal, Big Bolts has arrived and it's more awesome than your mom's lasagna. We're kind of a big deal because we're an online hardware resource that specializes in nuts and nut solutions. We have a quality-focused and customer-centric background to guide you through that construction project your boss or wife is nagging you to finish. We won't slow you down with unnecessary products, and if we accidentally ship you the wrong specialty or custom nut, let us know and we'll make it right. Whenever Minneapolis folks are looking for the best nuts, cheapest prices and fastest shipping, the only name they need to know is Big Bolts. Visit bigbolts.com or call us today at: (855) 424-4265.

Minneapolis Nuts

Minneapolis, Minnesota holds Twin City bragging rights with four million-plus residents living in the major metropolitan area. And it's only natural that the dudes from the best city in Minnesota shop at Big Bolts to find the nuts they want at a price they can afford. Whether folks are requesting one specialty nut or several dozen, Big Bolts will quickly fill their orders. In other words, we have the nut game down cold, and we'll help carpenters, construction workers and do-it-yourselfers get the products they need to quickly finish projects. So visit bigbolts.com, peruse our online hardware store and place an order today. And, if you want to go old school, call us at: (855) 424-4265.

Minneapolis Specialty Nuts

It's pretty safe to say that nothing is easier than ordering specialty nuts from Big Bolts. We're well organized and customer-centric, so we'll typically ship your order out to Minneapolis on the day you placed it. To put it another way, we're pretty awesome, and we'll do everything we can to surpass your expectations. This probably won't happen, but if we deliver the wrong nuts, just let us know and we'll make it right. Our professionals are standing by to help, so reach us online at bigbolts.com or call Big Bolts, today at: (855) 424-4265. You're probably clicking or dialing as we speak, so remember, we'll quickly ship you the best specialty nuts at the cheapest prices.

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You and Us


Chances are, as you're reading this, there is some dirt under your fingernails and perhaps scabs on your knuckles. You are the bold one who doesn't shy away from removing a few bolts and nuts to see what's going on. You're reading this because you want to make sure you are dealing with a company that you can rely on to supply the right parts when you need them. And, whatever big project you are working on now, is a stepping stone for a bigger one. If that assessment feels right, go ahead and let us know.


We exist for one reason: there are big machines out there that need big bolts and nuts to hold them together. We launched this company with a simple mission; to provide large diameter high quality fasteners with a great customer experience. We stand behind our products with integrity, knowledge and confidence and we stand behind our service with a commitment to you. If for any reason you aren't smiling when dealing with BigBolts.com, let us know.

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