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Watch A Time-Lapse Of A Flathead Ford V8 Rebuild

Are you a fan of engines? If so, you'll love this video. 

Debuting in 1932, the 3.6 liter Ford V8 flatty was an engineering marvel of the times. Need more proof? Everyone's favorite gangster, John Dillinger actually wrote a letter to Henry Ford saying “I want to thank you for building the Ford V-8 as fast and as sturdy a car as you did.” Not bad.

Could you do this? You could not do this.

For some people, trucks aren't just for doing truck stuff. Unless you consider drifting a 200 ton dump truck, truck stuff.

  • Over 2,000 hp
  • Carry weight of over 1/2 million lbs.
  • Tires over 13 feet tall
  • Holy crap

Robot Anatomy: They Have Nuts, Too

It's not often we actually think about the inner workings of our favorite robots. When watching Star Wars, it's unlikely one would pause and say "I wonder what diameter bolt they used to attach RD-D2's arm/leg thingy." or "How does C3-PO's crotch plate stay on?" (or better yet, why does he even need one?)

But one thing is for sure, my friends, robots have lots of nuts and bolts holding them together. And after taking a look at some of these super cool blueprints, I kind of want to build one myself.

Flexible, Modular Cars Were Almost, Kinda' Real

If the thought of owning a modular car is appealing to you, well, you are probably in the minority. And that's fine, because you'd have to travel back to 1982 anyway to get your hopes up.

The Capsula, as ItalDesign liked to call it, was a 104 hp chassis/base module system that allowed for all sorts of "capsules" to be mounted to it. Interesting concept, but I'd prefer my mode of transportation be held together by nuts and bolts and not by snap on school bus and ambulance exteriors. 

How To Purchase Industrial Fasteners Online

Can you pry yourself away from your latest project for a sec? Ok? Good? Alright.

So while we purposely made the BigBolts online ordering system super easy to use, questions sometimes still crop up. And since we understand what it does to the psyche to be monkeying with some crap online system instead of outside monkeying with a sweet machine, here’s a quick guide for ordering industrial fasteners online, from BigBolts.com, in two shakes.

First off, let’s just get it out of the way right now - You can return stuff for free, 365 days a year. No weird return process or clueless salesperson.

Second off, ordering is pretty foolproof. If my little cousin can do it (she’s fixing up a ’69 Mustang with her dad) then you can too. The site’s divided into three main categories. You got your bolts/screws, nuts, and washers up there in that nifty blue tab to the left of the shopping cart. Hold your cursor down on any of those and you’re gonna see quite the selection ripe for the taking. Use the drop-downs for things like grade, finish and thread, click submit, and you’re golden.

Another one we get asked? Humans. As in, is there a person behind this online powerhouse? Glad you asked, dude. BigBolts.com is dedicated to providing the best support possible. That's why we have super-smart people who can help with any technical or application question you can throw their way. You can use our contact form or for additional information call 1-855-424-4265 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

Plow Bolts

Do you have a special section in your truck’s routine maintenance plan on inspecting the fasteners? Just like checking your truck’s oil levels, checking for loose and missing bolts is going to keep your plow truck in good working condition. Tape this plow bolt cheat sheet to your dashboard and drive happy this winter season.


What is a plow bolt?
This is pretty basic knowledge, but a good reminder nonetheless. A plow bolt is used to hold the cutting edge blade to the bottom of the mold board on a plow. The term "plow bolt" applies to different head styles that have been used over the years to attach the blade to the mold board in plow applications. 

What is a #3 Head Plow Bolt?
#3 Head Plow Bolts in sizes 3/8 to 5/8 diameters are manufactured to the dimensions specified by ASME B18.9. The flat head design is the most common style for diameters up to 1/2". A domed head is the most common style for diameters 5/8" and larger. The term “domed head plow bolt” refers to a heavy duty head design that provides greater wear resistance, added ease of assembly and can be used in all applications that call for a # 3 head plow bolt. 

What sizes are most popular among snow removal trucks?
Between 5/8 and 3/4 diameter x 2, 2 1/4, 2 1/2"
, 2 3/4" and 3". 

What strength levels are available?
For snow plow applications, we recommend using grade 8. The grade 8 heavy duty domed head design made of alloy steel has an excellent strength to toughness ratio. 

What are the four most common nut styles used in snow plow applications?

Hex Nuts (GR8), Heavy Hex Nuts (GR2H), All Metal Lock Nuts (GRC) and Nylon Insert Lock Nuts (GRC). 

What is the most common problem that can occur in snow plow applications?
By far, it's that the assembly has come loose resulting in broken bolts and/or damage to the blade. This problem is easily fixed with a lock nut, which is going to improve the assembly's resistance to coming loose. 

Width across the flats

Knowing what the width across the flats is on your particular industrial fastener is going to tell you a lot of things, like:

·      What style and what fastener it is

·      What wrench size is needed to assemble it

So how do you figure it out? The easiest way is to use is a bolt gauge, where you’ll take the fastener and measure the distance between one flat to the other. If you’re looking to get a little more sophisticated, use a caliper.  Take note, because these measurements from either your bolt gauge or caliper will tell you the size of wrench to use.  The size of a bolt is always dependent on what the thread diameter is, whether you’re talking about hex head bolts, 12 point sockets, square head bolts or flange screws. They’re all going to have different widths across the flats for any given thread diameter.

All of this is really going to come in handy on the job site. Say you’re pulling a fastener out of a piece of equipment and you’re not really sure what style of industrial fastener it is. This is where the Big Bolts team can help you. Provide us the width across the flats (which you’ll know how to measure!) and we’ll get to work identifying the fastener so you can replace it on the fly with an exact duplicate. You can use our contact form or for additional information call 1-855-424-4265 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

The Importance of Buying Correctly Sized Nuts & Bolts

If you’re the type of person who spends a great deal of time working on construction projects for work or around your home, you probably know the basics about screws/bolts, nuts, washers. You may know that screw sizes are indicated by numbers, with the width and thickness of the screw corresponding to a higher number. You also might know that certain screw threads are designed to mate with a complementary thread, called an internal thread. And, that the pitch of a screw, or the degree of its thread, is also specified by numbers. More...


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