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The thing about trains, is…

...they can be hulking, beautiful, iron beasts. And if you're GE, you also make them to be environmentally friendly. 

GE has been testing their new Evolution Series Tier 4 locomotive at the Federal Railroad Administration’s high-altitude testing circuit near Pueblo, Colorado. The harsh desert testing ground is said to be the most difficult North American operating environment.

By cutting particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions by 70 and 76 percent, respectively, GE has unleashed a new breed of locomotive genius. 

Check out the amazing pictures below. 

Time lapse. Destruction. Hooray!

Whoa. Crazy stuff.
  • 116 excavators.
  • 24-year-old, crumbling overpass. 
  • 56 hours to bring it down and clean it up.
There is an art to constructing things with nuts and bolts, and there is also an art to deconstructing. 

Don't Chop That Cruise Ship In Half!

I suppose this is more practical than building a new cruise ship. Still, it just seems a bit unsettling, no? 

What else can you chop in half and make bigger? Can you do that with doughnuts? Who wouldn't want a bigger doughnut?

I'm going to try this. The doughnut, not the ship. 

Let's Play Jenga With 600 lb. Blocks

This looks fun. I'd love to try it. Undoubtedly, though, I would knock over the entire thing immediately. Which is one of the reasons I don't drive these beautiful and amazing machines. 

Each block weighs around 600 lbs. That's a little over 8 tons of potential disaster. You've gotta give it up for these talented drivers!

The Terminator’s Cousin Wants To Harvest Your Corn

Not exactly the stuff of nightmares, (although it could be if you strapped some guns to it's sides) the Autonomous Concept Vehicle by Case IH is pretty badass. 

This driverless marvel runs day or night, is designed to plant seeds and harvest crops and is capable of obstacle detection to prevent "mishaps." I don't want to know what the mishaps are.

I'll Never Complain About My Job Again

Let's drive 172 ft., 80 ton wind turbine blades up the narrow, winding paths of the Baoding mountain. Then again, let's not.

Think your job is tough? It might be, but I bet controlling hydraulic mechanisms to shift the blades to avoid hitting obstacles like people’s houses, buildings, power lines, or basically anything at all, is a bit tougher. Buy these guys a drink!

The Shanghai Tower Goes Up In Under Three Minutes?

It does when it's another time-lapse video!

An engineering marvel and an architectural beauty, the Shanghai tower is something to behold. At 2,073 ft. it is the world's second tallest building. And because it's located at the top of a river basin, it required 980 foundation piles that stretched 282 feet deep apiece.

And why is it spiraled you might be asking, well that's because of the threat of typhoons. So the counter-measure is that it twists about 1 degree per story of the building. Like I said, an engineering marvel.


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